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Love In The Time Of Lexapro

Warp Records - distribuzione Self - 23 novembre 2018

Today Warp Records proudly announces the new Oneohtrix Point Never EP, Love In The Time Of Lexapro.

Opener and title-track “Love In The Time Of Lexapro” has been receiving incredible live reactions as the only unreleased OPN composition during the ongoing “Age Of” world tour.? Now, finally the recorded version is to be made available and is undoubtedly one of Lopatin’s most beautiful compositions. Side A closes with a further collaboration between OPN and Ryuichi Sakamoto, the latter’s starkly beautiful reworking of Age Of’s “Last Known Image Of A Song”; while side B starts out with another brand new unreleased song “Thank God I’m A Country Girl” and finishes with an acoustic collaboration with Alex G on another Age Of stand-out, the haunting ode to New York City, “Babylon”.

Preorder Limited Vinyl & Listen to “Love In The Time of Lexapro” now:

Earlier this week, OPN performed his first recorded session with his MYRIAD ensemble for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.? He is joined by Eli Keszler, Kelly Moran, and Aaron David Ross in performing “The Station”, “Ray Cats” “Toys 2”, “Babylon”, “We’ll Take It”, “Love In The Time of Lexapro”, “Black Snow” from the original album Age Of and “Chrome Country” from R Plus Seven.

Listen to KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Live Session: here

Since release of the highly acclaimed album, Age Of, Oneohtrix Point Never has been performing to Sold Out audiences including 3 shows at New York’s Park Avenue Armory, London’s Barbican, Tokyo’s O-East, Montreal’s Monument-National, Paris’ 104 Centquatre and Berlin’s Funkhaus.? Earlier this week saw a rapturous response to another sold out show in Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA. Next year sees an upgraded and expanded version of the complete original Armory concertscape recreated in London’s iconic Roundhouse on March 8 (with Kelsey Lu) with further dates to follow.



NOVEMBER 23 2018

(12”, Digital, Streaming)

  1. Love In The Time Of Lexapro (LISTEN NOW)
  2. Last Known Image Of A Song – Ryuichi Sakamoto Rework
  3. Thank God I’m A Country Girl
  4. Babylon – Alex G & OPN




8 March 2019 – London, UK @ The Roundhouse – Tickets

More dates tba

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